Uber flying Car Taxi will be Launched soon – Download App and log in

What is Uber

Uber is a transportation network company that has its headquarters in California. This company also operate on food delivery and it operates in 633 cities all over the world. The company is the 8th largest company in the universe that is its revenue weight. This company started on 13th of March 2009, in San Francisco, California. Uber allow hired drivers to work at their own convenient time all it requires is to sign up for partner account.

Uber is an inexpensive, convenient and safe taxi service for riders. While for drivers it makes them the boss of themselves and provides exceptional pay for their drivers. The service also gives the drivers privilege to receive tips all you need is to have a car and get started. Uber works as a technology advance company because the platform provides a smartphone app that connects the driver and rider together. There are different payment methods that is acceptable to the company. You have the access to pay with cash or with your credit card.

Uber flying taxi idea and launch

Currently, they are working with NASA concerning the issue of commercializing the flying taxis. This service is mainly to provide service for users that want to travel by air. However, they wants to make a vertical take-off and landing vehicles. This will enable the vehicles to take-off and land vertically. These flying taxis will be used worldwide and be commercialized within 5 to 10 years. Uber also partnered with NASA because of the flying project that is named Uber Elevate. You can book a flight with Uber in five to ten years from now, It will be fun.

Although, Uber has been working on the flying taxis for over a year it started revealing the infos on its plan in 2017. In November Uber just reveal that it has come together with NASA mainly to develop an aircraft management. The management system is to provide the passengers with maximum protection. The company will launch their first flying taxis in Dallas, Dubai, and Los Angeles in 2020 before transporting it to other cities. The Uber flying taxis cost will be affordable for customers. Their more service that will be provided to the customer so just stay safe with flying taxis.

How to sign up for Uber

The sign up involves two types which are the driver sign up and the rider sign up. So just choose the one you intend on doing. This guide will enlighten you on how to sign up for drivers and riders.

  • Open your browser and Visit the website at www.uber.com or simply click HERE
  • On the official portal click on the sign up button and enter your first name, last name, valid email, phone number, password, and city.
  • Click on the submit button to proceed to the next step. Select the type of partnership you want and click continue.
  • Upload your driver’s license and click the continue button. Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the process.

How to download the Application

  • You can download and install the Rider app on Android devices with OS.
  • Open google play store and click on the Google Play icon.
  • Click on the search bar, then type Uber in the search option and click on search.
  • Choose the App and click on the install button, When you are done with the app installation open the app to check it out.
  • You can also click HERE to download for Android and HERE to download for your iPhone.